Sex Addiction: Good? or Bad??

So for quite some time now I’ve known that I’ve been addicted to sex. And over the years many people have posed the question, as i have started to seriously wonder myself…

Is being addicted to sex a good thing?

Or is it at the other end of the scale on the negative side?

I still struggle with a definitive answer, how ever i can tell you my personal experience, and what I believed to be some of the facts.

First off, just like ANY other addict, i get most of if not all of the same exact withdrawal symptoms when I go too long without my fix.
If I go too long downright vicious
Cold sweat
Trouble concentrating
Single track mindedness
Jittery or shaky
Extremely severe mood swings
Sleep pattern becomes erratic
Impulsively acting up I think I might get my fix
Among a few others that I’d rather not list publicly

Now i measure this against the positive sides, the euphoria that comes with feeling his release inside of me, that may last a few hours maybe a day at the most, and I really don’t think I can say it’s a good thing.

Now add to this that every single partner i have ever had, hears me say i am a sex addict and they get overly excited. Claiming that it would be bout time they found a partner that enjoys sex like they do, I very quickly correct them i said addiction not mild enjoyment. And to date not one single one of them has the same tone 48 hours later. To date every single one of them no more than 48 hours later is complaining. And I ask them do you remember me telling you that I am addicted to sex right? The majority of the time the answer I get is, “Well yeah but at a certain point it becomes too much”

Anybody that can say too much is not addicted and doesn’t understand addiction!
Anybody that has been with me once and then ask me if I want to have more sex does not understand addiction!

I am not lieing nor am i exaggerating when I say 24 /7 would still not be enough for me!!!

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New Gift Wish List “2014”


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Dentist to Oral Surgeon

It still wont numb up properly, so I have appointment with oral surgeon to see about being sedated.

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at Icon Dental

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Dentist Preparation

I am still getting numbed up, but they are planing to pull two teeth today if all goes well.

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At dentist now, first time in over a  week I have not been in pain or on ibuprofen, so I’m hopefull I’ll get at least one of the six extractions that I need today.

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